Phonic MR2443 Compact Mixing Console

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Phonic MR2443 Compact Mixing ConsoleThe MR2443 offers a total  of 24 inputs, 16 of these inputs being balanced mic ins with insert  points. 3-band EQ with sweepable mid and six auxiliary sends are  featured on all mic input channels along with pan control, routing  switches, PFL and channel mute buttons. In addition to main left/right  outputs, 4 sub-group outs and a summed mono output are also available. All connections in and out of the panel offering a flexible security  option. Sound design and rugged construction ensures that these consoles  will go on performing – night after night.


  • Extremely low-noise mic preamplifiers
  • Individual phantom power switches
  • 6 auxiliary sends
  • Aux 1 and 2 can be either pre/post fader
  • PFL on each mic input AFL on each output
  • 4 sub-group outputs
  • MS matrix input
  • Record output
  • Meter can be switched for MS/Stereo output
  • Low-profile design
  • 2 box construction – connector panel can face to front or rear
  • Rack-mountable

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One comment on “Phonic MR2443 Compact Mixing Console
  1. aldo moya says:

    preciso el manual de usuario de la consola mr 2443.Gracias

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